The secret to become truly rich and wealthy

dollarIn this article, we will uncover the secret on how to achieve life’s true wealth and riches. These riches include material and spiritual riches. You want to become a millionaire? You want to have an outstanding career? Or you wish to own a successful business? All of these wealth wishes are actually not impossible as we may think. We just need to aim the higher forms of wealth to ensure achievement of lower form wealth. Sounds puzzling? Yes it sounds that way. But once we reflect and realize life’s greatest values, we will find it so simple.

Don’t you know that God wants us to become truly wealthy persons? But the problem is… some people don’t want to become persons of true wealth. God is so kind that He wants us to have the truest and greatest riches first before He give us the material riches that perish through the passage of time. Money, beautiful houses and expensive cars are examples of wealth that perishes as time passes by. God wants us to have secured souls first by having wisdom and true love in our hearts, minds and souls. It’s because these are the true wealth and riches a person could have. Wisdom, kindness, true love, honesty, courage and faith are examples of real and permanent wealth a person could possess. Then if we have these kind of wealth, all other wealth in the world will be added to our lives.

I already meet and followed the lives of several successful businessmen (some of them are our clients). In following their lives, I observed that most of them did not expected that they will become successful businessmen as what they have achieved now. One of my client (a pharmaceutical entrepreneur), told me that she and her husband did not really wish to become successful entrepreneurs but only wish to have a simple life. But by being close to God and embracing His words, our Heavenly Father blessed them with financial stability. On the other hand, I also know some people who always think of money and things that can be bought by it (luxury houses, expensive cars, travel around the world, etc.) But unfortunately, the more they crave for this kind of things the more it leaves them.

The true wealth that God wants us to have first are actually the things that we need to easily own the other kinds of wealth in the world. Wisdom, honesty, kindness and love are important factors that will help us achieve business, financial and professional success. We cannot become successful entrepreneurs and professionals in a long-term if we do not possess the values and qualities that God wants us to have. Finally, stability and security should be achieved not only in terms of financial and professional stability but more than these – should be achieved in terms of mental, emotional and spiritual stability.

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